Noble Zarate Witch from the Rock

This is the legend of the Zarate Witch, who helped the poor by giving them vegetables that miraculously turned to gold.
He lived on the rocks of Aserrí, Escazú and Acosta.
They say she had a lot of pets, one of them being a peacock tied up with a gold chain. This peacock is said to have been a Spanish conqueror that conquered her and cheated on her. She turned him into peacock until he agrees to marry her.

Stinky Tulevieja from the Village

woman of short stature, with voluptuous breasts and hawk's claws that feeds hungry babies,
so she approaches the villages where she hears some newborn cry.
It is said that she leaves a trace of milk that the ants follow.
It is also said that she wears a "Tule" hat and that she is disheveled and smelly. It is also said that she punishes the ones that missbehave.

Amorous Sisimiqui from the Cave

Amorous Ogre with monkey body and man's face, covered in hair, who kidnaps women on their wedding night.
He's got only four fingers and toes.
The feet are inverted, so nobody manage to track him down.
He lives in caves.

Inmortal Pisuicas of the Night

Pisuicas is a Costa Rican way to refer to the devil.
Described as cunning and seductive, who seeks to trick people into selling his soul.

Tireless Bald from Darkness

Costa Rican version of death that dresses as a peasant and wears a scythe.
It takes those for whom its final hour has come.

Huge Camouflage Sloth

The legend tells it’s a prehistoric sloth.
hidden in Costa Rica's rainforests that managed to survive by being an expert in the art of camouflage. A few claim to have seen it.

Spectral Pirate of the Seas

Headless pirate who roams his treasure hidden under a large Guanacaste tree, in Tivives Beach, Puntarenas. According to the legend, the feared pirates Dampier and Bartholomew Sharp came to bury great treasures under the Guanacaste tree.
The pirate Sharp was said to be the son of the Devil himself.
Dampier full of greed stabbed Sharp in the back and Sharp lost his life.
Being the son of the Pisuicas, he swore his father would avenge him. The Devil possessed him after he died pointing and screaming Here¡. Dampier cut Sharp’s head off, after which he also got up and shouted Here¡. The story tells that you can still see him pointing and screaming on full moon nights.

Ghostly Passenger of the Road

This is the spectre of a woman who appears at night on the roadside asking for a ride.
She usually takes a taxi and requests a destination near a cemetery.
When they arrive she points to a house where the service will be paid. When the taxi driver goes to that house and requests payment for the service, he is told that the woman has been dead for many years.
When it is an individual who picks her up, legend tells she vanishes from the car.

Cementery Wandering Bride

Faceless bride who appears to men after midnight in the Workers' Cemetery. The pantheoner was in charge of burying her but also de-burying her when he had to make room after time.
They say that when he dug her up she was uncorrupted and he could tell that she was of great beauty.
Apparently the body evaporated when he dug her up.
The undertaker pledged to find her one night and return her to her place. The legend tells that when he achieved it, he also left this world.

Creepy Bad Monkey from the Roof

Dreadful oversized monkey who howls terribly at night and swings on the branches to throw himself on people.
The story tells that it appears to couples that quarrell, usually making noise on the roof.
It is said that it leaves incandescent footprints because flames come out of its feet.

Hospital’s Wandering Specter

legend tells that a nun that was taking care of the sick in The Hospital San Juan de Dios denied a glass of water to a sick person who died shortly after that. She was condemned to roam offering water to the sick.
They say that whoever accepts the glass of water miraculously heals, but out of fear hardly anyone accepts it.

Headless Priest of the Hermitage

One of the version of the leyend tells that he was a priest beheaded by the Inquisition because he did not behave according to what his endowment demanded of him.
Some say he can be seen giving mass and when the parishioner approaches, discovers with horror that the Father has no head.

Crying Penitent of the River

This is the story of a woman who mourns her newborn son drowned in a river. Her soul roams the rivers crying terrifyingly as she searches for the child.
There are many versions of this legend, in some the child is drowned by the father of the Crier for being begat out of wedlock, in others, by herself, and in others by the father of the creature.

Fearsome Sanitarium Nun

The Durán Sanatorium has a reputation for being haunted. According to the stories, the nuns who cared for the sick and children there, continue to appear to this day.

Headless Horseman from the Pampas

His name was Luciano. Son of the owner of a large hacienda in Guanacaste who had his head cut off on December 24, the day before his wedding.
His killer, José, was in love with his fiancée Carmelita, apparently the most beautiful lady of the place.
They say you can see him in full moon’s nights.

Blue Boguey from the Bonfire

evil specter that appears between Paraiso and Cartago, near the Ujarras’ Ruins.
A man wrapped in blue flames, high-rise that shows up on the edge of midnight to those who carried coffee in carts.
. It is said that he managed to escape from hell and it appears to those who act as bad as he did in life.

Strident Owner of the Mount

One-eyed furry giant whose screams could turn blood into ice.
The legend tells he was a hunter who killed animals for pleasure, so he was condemned to protect them.
Now he makes the poachers run away. They say he controls the animals and can turn them into more fearsome ones to help them escape.
También controla la lluvia y el viento, Los Bribi cuentan que aparece cubierto de luciérnagas.

Interesting Cegua of the Night

Very beautiful and spectral woman who appears at night to the men.
The Cegua requests to be taken somewhere and later transforms into a horse-headed monster.
In the Costa Rican version it seems that she was an ungrateful woman to her parents who even raised her hand to them when they denied her the possibility of going to a party.
For this reason she was cursed and condemned to pursue malicious men.

Cart Without Oxen from the Road

Spectral cart that can be heard and sometimes seen wandering at night without oxen.
The story tells a witch who was in love with the most handsome man in town bewred him to marry her.
The priest objected, so the witch put the cadáver Since he was a very religious man he rejected her. Still, as his death approached, he asked his wife to give him a funeral when he died. The priest objected so the witch put her beloved's corpse in a wagon. She tried to enter the church by force, but the oxen did not want to pass by. The priest cursed her and condemned her to wander eternally in the wagon.

Shrew Peasant of the Stone Bridge

Our cunning peasant managed to deceive Pisuicas himself. He asked him for land in exchange for his soul, and a bridge that would make it easier for him to enter and leave his lands.
The Devil agreed that the bridge should be completed before dawn. Minutes before the sun raised, our intelligent peasant grabbed a rooster and squeezed it to force it to sing early.
Legend tells that the bridge can still be seen in Greece and that it’s indeed missing a stone. They also say that many have tried to finish it by putting the missing stone but that it falls again.

Wild Cadejos

Giant and spectral black dog, which drags chains and has red eyes.
Legend says he was a very lazy young man who used to take naps all the time.
His father, annoyed with his attitude cursed him and condemned him to live cast and on all fours.
It accompanies and cares for those who go out at night, trying to warn them of the consequences.