Pura Vida Monsters: A family adventure of fun, legends and traditions. We are a family that has always enjoyed board games and also love telling legends and mythological stories. This led us to proposed our kids inventing a game that meets both passions. We loved the idea and started with this adventure where, with the imaginative contribution of each family members, we develop several game methodologies and combine it with the Costa Rican legends.
Once we had the homemade game, we liked it so much that we share it with family and friends. Everyone was delighted and they motivated us to make it available to everyone. This is how Pura Vida Monsters was born, and that is why every detail has been created with the greatest love to contribute with family and friends’ quality time and happiness, while rescue our traditions and legends in an educational and hilarious way.

We firmly believe that quality time with family and friends is a fundamental piece for a happy life. Our company not only born with this conviction but also makes it the goal of every product we offer. Additionally, preserving our legends and traditions in a fun and educational way is the other fundamental piece that inspires us in every creation we offer.