Many years ago, in a small but beautiful tropical country there lived a giant, prehistoric sloth bear. Our friend the bear was very happy, but he was always very lonely, because there were no other sloths like him. He lived in the rainforest and there he loved to amuse himself by slowly climbing up to the tops of the biggest trees, where he enjoyed camouflaging himself among the leaves.
One day while playing in the largest tree in the forest, he spotted in the distance some strange caves of different and striking colors that included red, yellow, purple, green, white and black. His curiosity made him go closer to see what was there. He realized that in each cave a group of strange monsters had been imprisoned.

Although at first he was frightened by the appearance of these characters, little by little he got to know each one of them. He decided to talk to them and came to understand them, he realized that they were really “pura vida". Therefore, he decided to set them free.
To free them, he would have to overcome a series of obstacles and win several battles, since whoever was holding them there would not give in easily.
First, he freed the monsters of the red and green caves. To do so, he had to unite them all in order to defeat la Pelona Incansable de las Tinieblas, who was the guardian of those two caves. In order not to have to fight to the death, they proposed a contest that, over the years and through the legends that were transmitted from father to son, became known as All against la Pelona.

Thanks to his persistence and cunning, the sloth and his new friends triumphed in this challenge, beating the Pelona and thus freeing the Interesting Mare of the Night, the Wild Caddis of the path, the Faceless Bride of the cemetery and the Oxenless Cart of the Road. Also released were the Wandering Wraith of the Hospital, the Penitent Mourner of the River, the Ghostly Passenger of the road and the Dread Nun of the Sanatorium.
This group of friends defined a strategy to free the rest of the monsters that were in the purple, yellow and white caves. To do this, they had to pass two other tests together. They had to mingle with each other and thus earn points. In the first test, they advanced through their body parts, thus taking advantage of each other's best abilities. This test became known in legends as Los Monstruos Locos (The Crazy Monsters). With a lot of effort, all our friends managed to win this test and celebrated with a big party. Now all that was left was the final challenge, in which they would have to mingle with each other in terrifying and fun ways never seen before. This legendary competition would later become known as Monster Wars.

In this adventure, the following characters were freed: the Strident Owner of the Mount, the Witch Zarate Noble of the Rock, the Fiery Sismiqui of the Cave, the Headless Horseman of the Pampas, the Spectral Pirate of the Seas, the Headless Father of the Hermitage and the Sagacious Peasant of the Stone Bridge. In this victory there were 3 characters that stood out showing unparalleled bravery. They were the Horripilante Mico Malo del Tejado, the Pisuicas Inmortal de la Noche and the Tulevieja Maloliente de la Aldea. They all became great friends. Our protagonist the bear, because of his camouflage ability, could integrate with any of our terrifying friends and was never alone again. He also learned not to judge by appearances as it is very fun and enriching to share and help others.

By: Antonio Jacob Aldi